Washing Your Cashmere - 5 Important Points

1. Contrary to belief, cashmere is easy to care for.

2. Washing your cashmere brings out more softness.

3. Lukewarm water is best for washing cashmere.

4. Avoid fabric conditioners and stick to cashmere shampoo.

5. Let your sweater dry flat as hanging it will lead to stretching.

10 easy steps to washing cashmere

By Hand

1. Wash your sweaters every 3 to 4 wears.

2. Remove any pilling with a cashmere comb.

3. Separate light and dark colored sweaters.

4. Fill a clean bowl with tepid water, and add a small amount of cashmere shampoo.

5. Immerse the sweater and gently 'squish' the sweater in soapy solution. Let it soak 15-20 minutes.

6. Squeeze all excess soapy water and rinse with fresh water until all soap suds are gone.

7. Dry sweater by laying it flat on a towel and rolling it up. You can also spin dry your sweater if you washing machine has a gentle/wool spin option.

8. Dry sweater in a room with lots of airflow. Avoid leaving the sweater under direct sunlight to reduce color fade.

9. If your sweater has creases after drying, use a handheld steamer.

10. Your cashmere sweater is ready to be worn and loved again.

5 Easy Steps To Washing Cashmere

By washing machine

1. Almost all modern washing machine should have a wool or hand-wash programme. We will use these settings.

2. Water temperature should not exceed over 30 degrees (86 Fahrenheit). Use a spin cycle between 500-700 rpm.

3. Use cashmere wash rather than your normal day detergent.

4. Once the spin cycle has finished, lay the sweater flat over a towel dry and let it dry.

5. *Avoid tumble drying your cashmere as this will shrink your sweater with the strong heat.