Congratulations on your excellent decision to invest in a luxurious Donglí Cashmere garment. With a little care you can protect your investment and enjoy its loveliness for years to come.

Here are a few easy tips to remember when storing your cashmere, and protect it from moths.

1. Always fold your cashmere. Hanging them on a rack can cause your sweater to lose its shape prematurely.

2. Give your sweaters a rest if you wear it two days in a row. It's important to let the cashmere fibres settle down and allow any moisture to evaporate.

3. Moths love cashmere, especially if it has moisture in the fibres. Keep it clean and dry before putting it away.

4. If you are putting your cashmere away for the summer, it is best to store in a sealed bag.

5. Cedar and lavender is a natural deterrent for moths. Pop a few cedar balls or lavender sheet in the drawers with your sweaters.

Bonus tip: Moths are pesky once they enter into your home. If you find holes in your clothes, act fast and steam your clothes. The heat from the steam will eliminate any clothes moth and larvae.