"I never tire of the joy of cashmere.
The comfort, the colour, the softness.
I've loved cashmere since my first purchase." 

"I bought myself the loveliest ankle length oatmeal cardigan, as a treat, from an unexpected bonus I'd received.

It was a huge expense at that time, but I tried it on and knew I had to have it. I wore it all the time, it matched every outfit and always made me feel good, so if we are talking value for money, rather than price, it was a brilliant purchase.

Over time my wardrobe has seen a lot of cashmere, but I still want that same thrill when I buy something new."

"Over the last 5 years or so, with growing pressure on environmental issues, I have consciously bought less, but focused on the quality , sustainability and longevity of the things I buy.
Dongli Cashmere is made from 100% sustainable cashmere fibre, and being natural it is completely bio degradable."

Sustainable Cashmere Lofty Knit Poncho

"I look for things which excite me, sometimes it's a fab colour sometimes a new style, but I always want something stylish and comfortable."

Sustainable Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan

"We are living in very strange and stressful times. One positive has been the opportunity to slow down and spend time at home. I have appreciated the slower pace, my home and surroundings, I am lucky to live in the countryside and have enjoyed many solitary walks."

"I cannot wait for the Autumn to really begin, it's my favourite time of year, the smell of the air, the leaves turning colour, and the opportunity to layer up in my favourite cashmere."

Sustainable Cashmere Edge to Edge Cardigan

"Why not join me this year, treat yourself to a lovely piece of cashmere, and tell me how good it makes you feel ! "