Dongli Cashmere
Our Story

Dongli is a family-owned business whose story began in 1987. We have a wealth of cashmere knowledge and a dream to use that knowledge to consistently deliver the best quality cashmere to our customers.

Over the last 30+ years, we have honed our expertise to keep those quality standards, and combine them with a passionate desire to use the best eco-friendly manufacturing processes. All our cashmere is farmed using sustainable methods and manufactured in our modern purpose-built factory.

All our cashmere is made with love. The love for cashmere and the love for our planet.

The Finest Cashmere. Made Just For You.

Our Mission
To create the highest quality cashmere sweaters whilst doing our part to best protect the planet.

Our Principles
We control every aspect of the process from goat to garment. This ensures consistent quality and maintain our high standards.

Quality Guaranteed
We are proud members of the CCMI - The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute, which works to protect the interests of consumers, manufacturers, and retailers to ensure the quality and integrity of cashmere.

We always comb and never shear our cashmere goats. This traditional method preserves the long fine fibres without taking the shorter ones.
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