About Us

Why Buy Dongli Cashmere?

We are passionate cashmere experts.
Established in 1987, we are a family run organization, who have made the understanding and development of cashmere our business. At Dongli, we’re committed to doing better by our planet.
We see it as our responsibility to not only add style to your life, but to be a guardian for the planet we live on.
We source all our cashmere from sustainable sources and pride ourselves on our eco friendly manufacturing processes.
From caring for our animals, supporting our people and protecting our environment, we invite you to explore the world of Dongli.   

Quality Does Not Have To Cost The Earth

Buying a quality product from a traceable and sustainable source, should be everyone's goal.
Buying a high quality product from a company who practises environmentally responsible manufacturing, benefits the environment in many ways.
• Good quality products last longer
• Cashmere is completely bio-degradable, so does not pollute the ground or the oceans
• Our sustainable practices means that the impact on the environment is much less than synthetic fast fashion products

Manufacturing Practices

Our fully vertical factory sits on a purpose built site in Inner Mongolia. On this site we control the complete manufacturing process from cleaning and sorting the cashmere fibre, to knitting and finishing the final product.
We have combined experience, expertise and technology to produce beautiful high quality cashmere garments. 

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